Vandöd was formed in mid-2004 by Henrik Wendel (guitar) and Daniel Wikforss (drums). The yet unnamed band had a new song in the works when Niclas Ankarbranth came to the studio for other business. Ankarbranth heard the song and wanted to sing on it, and so the vocals was recorded by Wikforss on a lark. The original duo liked it a lot and thus welcomed the new singer into the ranks of the band.

As soon as they started playing, with Wendel and Wikforss sharing bass duties on the demo recordings, they saw they had something totally different with their newfound sound, so they decided on a new name as well. Thus Vandöd spoke, spewing their pestilence to the masses. To have a full line-up, Ville Kemi from Fall ov Serafim was invited to handle the bass and backing vocals, but in the fall of 2007 Martin Linde replaced him.

The album, entitled "AS", was recorded during the winter of 2006-2007, and is released on cd by Ex Mortem Records. The LP version, as well as the eastern Europe cd version and the Brazilian cd version are scheduled for release in the Spring of 2008.