Vandöd - As (2007) (in English, by Spelled Moon)
Score: 80%

Snow and coldness have fallen upon a land, black ravens descend unto naked trees…

These are the images that come into my mind when listening to the music of this black metal group hailing from Swedish town Malmö…This currently unknown band has succeeded in finding its label (Ex Mortem Records), which allowed it to materialize their musical ideas. It should be said that these ideas are quite interesting especially for the metal souls seeking some kind of dark and fateful atmosphere. This was offered in thorough manner by Vandöd. If I were to compare this album in the domain of feelings, it probably would be Ancient Wisdom's "Cometh Doom, Cometh Death".

The music itself is oozed by almost a doom-feeling caused predominantly by the sound chosen for recording this album. It reminds of older black metal records. Another, easily noticed reason for this is a peculiar sound of guitar and bass, which I am not able to describe as a non-musician.
The rhythmics of this album is rather variable; the song Burden of Eden for instance is almost doomish while being interwoven with faster black metal passages. The Bastard King takes faster pace and offers greater melodicism (making it an album highlight for me). Simply beuatiful.

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