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The vocal performance is very well done and various vocal styles are noticeable : raven shrieks, deeply set black metal vox as well as clean singing being direct and impeccant in either low or high tones.

Next curiosity worth noticing is the use of brass instruments played by Henrik Wendel. However, this use is very modest and serves only the purpose of completing the evocation of aforementioned dark fatal atmosphere. The only exception to this is a song named Nio, where these instruments were given greatest space and in this way makes the album more diverse. The brass instruments are complemented by weird percussions reminding of military drums in their sound.

Taking the graphic design into account, one cannot deny the sense of aesthetics in these musicians. The color of cover consists of shades of brown to which an interesting picture is imprinted. The booklet contains photos of band members together with their names and also one session picture. What I miss here are song lyrics which are hard to obtain even on Internet. Despite the fact they are written in Swedish, they would please. All in all, the impression is very good.

Pros: peculiar doom atmosphere in black metal, great vocals, brass instruments, nice cover, diverse rhythmics, good musicianship
Cons: the sound of recording, missing song lyrics